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Welcome to Reaching Symmetry Theatre

Reaching Symmetry Theatre is a Canadian theatre company founded in 2011 and based in Hamilton, ON.

Come see our new show The Conspiracy of Michael coming to the 2014 Hamilton Fringe Festival Mini-Gallery Series.

MH370. 9/11 hijackers. Big Tobacco. NSA. Operation Berkshire. CDC. Nursing Home Death Panels. RCMP. HAARP. The Hum driving people crazy. Everything is connected. Everything means something sinister. Just ask Michael. From his one room he can see the truth. If only his sister would listen. Maybe this time she will...

The Conspiracy of Michael is an innovative piece of theatre that wrestles with the hot buttons of conspiracy theories and grief. As one of the mini-Gallery shows, it will draw the audience into a close-up and intimate window to the troubled fragments of someone else's life.

Check out this sneak preview of The Conspiracy of Michael!



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